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[Australia] Australia-Japan Foundation Grant Program

Study Subject:Economics and Trade, Security, Regional and International Relations, Education and Science, Society and Culture Communication, Information and Advocacy
Employer:Australia-Japan Foundation
Level:Research Grants
Scholarship Description:The Australia-Japan Foundation invites applications for projects in 2011-12 which support its objectives to:

  • increase understanding in Japan of shared interests with Australia;
  • increase understanding in Australia of the importance of Japan to Australia as an economic and strategic partner; and
  • increase recognition in Japan of Australian excellence and expertise.


In 2011-12, funding priority will be given to projects and programs that strengthen Australia’s relationship with Japan through people-to-people engagement across a diverse range of sectors. These include projects relating to the bilateral economic and trade relationship (particularly the Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement), regional and international security issues, society and culture, education, science and technology and to advocacy, media and communications.
Individuals, organisations or a collaboration of both may apply for AJF grant funding. Where a conflict of interest exists, or may be perceived to exist, the AJF Secretariat should be contacted to clarify eligibility and/or obligations under Commonwealth conflict of interest guidelines.

Generally, the AJF does not fund projects over more than two successive years. The AJF Secretariat should be contacted to clarify eligibility if you have previously received an AJF grant.If you have submitted an application in a previous AJF grant funding round but have been unsuccessful, you are encouraged to reapply for funding in future rounds.No person or organisation may hold more than one AJF grant at any given time.Grants will not be provided to individuals or organisations that have failed to provide a proper acquittal of an earlier grant provided by the AJF.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 18 March 2011

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[UK] Cardiff Research Scholarship into Advanced Neuroimaging Methods

CRANIUM’s aim is to stimulate the next phase of development of neuroimaging methodology for translational neuroscience applications in human health and disease.The hub of CRANIUM is the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) with its human brain imaging techniques all under one roof:  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Magnetoencephalography (MEG), Electroencophalography (EEG) and Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).CRANIUM addresses three themes: Integration of multiple neuroimaging modalities, Experimentally informed mathematical modelling of brain structure and function. Enhanced image quantitation The doctoral research projects will be experimentally focussed with a strong bias towards physical science methodology applied to biological systems.


The creative resources of PhD students will be harnassed to understand signals from the mammalian nervous system and to develop neuroimaging methods that will be adopted by animal and human neuroscience researchers across the world. The programme will prepare postgraduates for a research career in biomedical imaging and neuroscience, with the flexibility to take on new techniques as they develop.  Beyond academic research, there is increasing demand for experts who understand the measurement techniques applied to biological systems in the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Study Subject: Advanced Neuroimaging Methods
Employer: Cardiff University
Level: PhD

Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 April 2011

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[Finland] PhD Scholarships in Enterprise Risk Management

VTT is launching second international graduate school in 2011 to attract new, PhD students. We are looking for 15 new PhD students (incl. one Post Doc Researcher) that are expected to contribute to development of our prominent technological competences.

PhD students and Post Doc Researcher participate in high level research work at VTT on selected strategically relevant topics within a collaborative project environment. PhD work is done for four consecutive years under professional scientific supervision by highly experienced and competent senior researchers with PhD degrees. The PhD thesis should be finalized within the four-year period and fulfill high level scientific standards. The employment of Post Doc Researchers is for two years. The open positions are related to applied materials, services and the built environment, industrial system management, bio and chemical processes, energy, information and communication technologies, and microtechnologies and electronics.


PhD Student – Enterprise Risk Management

Our risk and reliability research has a strong background and knowledge basis in the risk management of technological systems in industry. The current research aims at more comprehensive approaches by developing methods and models to handle business risks in different phases of the innovation process and enterprise networks. The understanding on risk, reliability, safety and security issues and their management also builds up capability to support companies in developing new service business related to safety and security.

The task is to develop methods and models for total comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). The more detailed research focus can be in supporting business continuity management, in modeling of the effects of safety and security measures, or in security business development


Success in this position requires a background in risk and reliability management, or in safety and security management. An important expertise area is to understand industrial management, industrial systems and enterprise networks.

Further expectations:
• a solid academic background with an MSc in relevant fields
• scientific ambition, motivation and strong interest in cutting-edge research
• team working skills in an international working environment
• inventiveness and initiative personality
• good analytical and problem solving skills
• excellent English language skills.

We Offer

For PhD Students
• an opportunity to contribute to the strategic capabilities of a world-class research organization
• outstanding PhD supervision by top research scientists of your field
• excellent prospects for personal development
• an innovative work community for aspiring researchers
• a work contract for 1 + 3 years
• assistance with housing and other relocation issues

For further information, please contact Research Professor Veikko Rouhiainen,, tel. +358 20 722 3262

For conditions of employment (incl. relocaton service issues) , please contact Merja Grönberg, or Marja-Liisa Virtanen,

Application Deadline : 20 March 2011

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